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    We need your support! Purchase a cedar shake shingle to help us preserve the building so we can continue to share the past with future generations.

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  • Roof Construction Update

    Roof Construction Update

    Mar 2016

    As a temporary measure, the 3rd floor is now closed due to continuing repairs to the roof.

    The rest of the building still remains open to the public for viewing, research and rental space opportunities.

    Thank you for your patience.

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  • Roof Construction Underway

    Roof Construction Underway

    The roof construction process has started!

    We are grateful for the infrastructure support received by the Edmonton Public School Board, the City of Edmonton and Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

    Our appreciation is extended to the public, the community and the business members who continue to support the Shake it Up! fundraising campaign.

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  • Profile


    Housed within the oldest standing brick school in Alberta, our facility offers curriculum-based, hands-on programs for students; a museum highlighting the history of Edmonton Public Schools and Alberta's early political history; and archives where historically significant documents are preserved for future generations.

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  • Historic Site

    Historic Site

    Designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 1976 and a Municipal Historic Resource in 2015, McKay Avenue School has played an important role in the educational, social and political development of Edmonton and Alberta. It has been preserved to reflect the District’s past and to pass its history on to future generations.

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  • Archives for Researchers

    Archives for Researchers

    The Archives and Museum is a public research facility housing records and artifacts related to Edmonton Public Schools. Some of the holdings include: Board of Trustees meeting minutes, administrative records, registers, school records, yearbooks, and maps.

    Release of Record Form

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Welcome to Archives and Museum. We tell the story of Edmonton Public Schools and the formation of the Province of Alberta by offering programming to students and exhibiting our history in a public research facility. Our unique facility is in the heart of downtown Edmonton and buzzing with activity all through the year. During the 2014-2015 school year, we welcomed:

  • 14,239 people at historic McKay Avenue School
  • 5,863 students received programming
  • 632 teachers and parent volunteers participated in student programming
  • 1,358 school and central staff attended meetings, PD and retreat activities
  • 5,497 were city, community, and provincial government attendees
  • 889 community walk-ins
  • 265 people requested archived materials

 Of the 390 bookings at Archives and Museum there were:

  • 235 school programming bookings
  • 155 District, community and multi-level government bookings



Archives and Museum Brochure