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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Online Resources


A Century and Ten: The History of Edmonton Public Schools by Mike Kostek c1992

Research Papers

Meeting the Challenge by D. Parliament & B. Bilyk
The Klein Revolution, Charter Schools, and Alternative Programs in Edmonton Public Schools
MacEwan University Project 2015

Archivist's Corner

We are in the process of making each of these available online


Title of Article

1990 Apr 30

Why Edmonton School District Number 7?

1990 May 14

Edmonton’s First Public School Teacher

1990 Jun 11

Richard Secord: Edmonton's First Teacher-Millionaire

1990 Oct 15

Matthew McCauley : Edmontonian Extraordinaire

1990 Nov 26

Depression & Retrenchment of the 1930s

1991 Apr 08

How they were named : GARNEAU SCHOOL

1991 Jun 03

The Patron Saint of Bennett School

1991 Jun 17

New Schools on Horizon

1991 Sep 30

Our First Superintendent of Schools

1991 Oct 15

Know Your School Quiz

1992 Jan 13

Where is Felicia Graham?

1992 Feb 10

School Boys in Khaki: The School Cadet Story

1992 Apr 06

School slates and the willow switch

1992 Jun 15

Our New History Book

1992 Oct 13

The Alberta Provincial Parliament at McKay Avenue School

1992 Nov 23

Some Issues Never Change : Some Do

1993 Jan 12

Where have all the subjects gone?

1993 Feb 08

That’s how it used to be : part one

1993 Mar 08

That’s how it used to be : part two

1993 Apr 19

George Davies: Edmonton’s oldest retired principal

1993 May 17

Victoria Day

1993 Oct 12

Who was Alex Taylor?

1993 Nov 08

It could be worse!

1993 Dec 06

Forever young

1994 Jan 24

Who was Herbert Greenfield?

1994 Feb 22

One schoolroom and a path

1995 Feb 21

Meet our new superintendent of schools : Emery Dosdall

2000 Mar 30

A Primer of Edmonton Public School Names

2001 Oct

Meet Edmonton’s Tenth Superintendent of Public Schools : Angus McBeath

2002 Apr

Beware of Ghosts at historic McKay Avenue School

2002 Jul

Meet George P. Nicholson

2003 Mar

The D-D40 Club

2004 Jan

The School That Was Demolished Twice

2004 Mar

The Alberta Provincial Parliament at McKay Avenue School

2005 May

Friendships and Autograph Books

2007 Feb

The Report of the First Annual Teachers' Convention 1897

2007 Feb

Gleanings from the Edmonton Bulletin

2007 Mar

Teachers' Convention


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