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‌Historic McKay Avenue School is designated as a Provincial and Municipal Historic Resource. It holds more than a century of artifacts and archives for Edmonton Public Schools. It is critical we all come together to preserve the building so we can continue to share the past with future generations.  

We need your help!

Historic McKay Avenue School requires significant maintenance and repair work. The immediate need is our roof. Although we recently received some historical grants, we have been challenged to find enough funds to fix our roof. We have performed regular maintenance on McKay Avenue School throughout the years but it requires significant infrastructure repair work. Support Archives and Museum by helping us “Shake it Up.”  

You can purchase:                                                                                                        

  • A cedar shake shingle for $25
  • Or multiple shingles at: $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000

Get involved by purchasing a shingle through our secure, easy-to-use processing service.

Click on the donate now button, fill out our donation form or call 780-422-1970.

(Tax eligible)

(100 per cent of your donation goes directly to restoration)

Charitable Registration Number: 11923 1058 RR0001

Refund Policy: If circumstances change and you are no longer able to make this donation please contact 780.422.1970.  A refund may take up to three weeks to process.


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Shake it Up! Launch Photo Gallery

  • Trustee Ray Martin

  • Superintendent Darrel Robertson

  • Superintendent Darrel Robertson kicks off the campaign by nailing in the first cedar shingle shake

  • Grade 2 students A. Blair McPherson School

  • Cindy Davis and Michael Kostek

  • Granddaughter of Dr. MacKay, Phyllis McDougall, Grade 4 Teacher Sheree Bracke and great-granddaughter of Dr. MacKay Lori Walker

  • Lorne Parker, Cindy Davis, Trustee Ray Martin, Superintendent Darrel Robertson