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Welcome to Archives and Museum. We tell the story of Edmonton Public Schools and the formation of the Province of Alberta by offering programming to students and exhibiting our history in a public research facility. Our unique facility is in the heart of downtown Edmonton and buzzing with activity all through the year. During the 2016-2017 school year, we welcomed:

  • 14,563 people at historic McKay Avenue School
  • 7,464 students received programming
  • 1,142 teachers and parent volunteers participated in student programming
  • 2,325 school and central staff attended meetings, PD and retreat activities
  • 2,812 were city, community, and provincial government attendees
  • 820 community walk-ins
  • 305 people requested archived materials

 Of the 549 bookings at Archives and Museum there were:

  • 293 school programming bookings
  • 256 District, community and multi-level government bookings



Archives and Museum Brochure