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Mr. Puffer Goes to Provincial Parliament: A Study of Government in Perspective

Grade 6: Social Studies

McKay Avenue School was newly opened in 1905, the same year Alberta became a province. Some months after the school was opened for classes, the third floor became the temporary home of Alberta's Provincial Parliament. The entire third floor assembly hall area, a small Principal’s office on the east end of the second floor and a ladies’ staff room were rented to the new Government of Alberta for the sessions held in 1906 and 1907. Many important decisions would be made within the walls of McKay Avenue School, including what city would become the capital of Alberta.

History comes alive in this program that immerses grade 6 students in a role-play experience of early Alberta historical figures and events, including a mock election. The program compares the issues, roles and responsibilities that existed for the first Provincial Parliament (1906) with those that exist for the government of Alberta today.

Due to the immersive nature of the program, teachers should book the program at least 3 weeks in advance to properly prepare the students for this unique experience.

Program Length: 2.5 hours 

Maximum Group Size: 30 
Supervision: teacher plus 2 parents
Program Fee: $200 + GST (No fee for Edmonton Public Schools)

The program supports the grade 6 social studies curriculum outcomes.